Monday, September 29, 2008

Post Thirty-Two.

Alright, so...

I was going through my pictures last night and found a few from a night the gang spent at Stephanie's. The good old days before she moved. We had a craving for sweets. Ok, lie. I had a craving for sweets. So, I bought 4 cans of whipped cream and a thing of cookie dough. Needless to say... they got into it and here is the aftermath... cream everywhere.

Ah... good times, good times.

Hmmm, Jessica was most def. being redneck today. It reminded me of the kids that I went to school with last year. The ones that lived in Salter Path and Newport. Every year Newport has a Pig Cooking.

And that reminds me of Cud Pooking. Which honestly originated from me slurring my words around when trying to be all "Redneck" and such talking of pig cooking. So... now we say that Cud Pooking is:
  • Hill billy orgy where they use the junk that cows chew on and rub it on each other.
    Then, then fuck dead pig corspes
Jessica's words, not mine. Ah, how I love my friends. We're all quite odd... and disgusting.