Friday, September 19, 2008

Post Twenty-Six.

Well, the seconds GSA meeting went well. We're going to have our fund raising Halloween party at Alesia's house on October 25th. Two dollar admission if anyone is interested. =] Here's where the winking and nudging comes in.

Let's see... working concessions really is a workout, just so you know. My feet are really... really... really, really sore. Though, I got a free green tea out of it. So, I guess that's something. Our team lost Freshman and Varsity games to Mt. Pleasant.

"Hair Matt", as everyone calls him, showed me is Straight Edge tattoo today. It was pretty cool. So, I told him about what I'm going to get prolly when I'm eighteen. I hope it will end up decent looking, honestly.

Pete and Ethan really freaked me out today. Because, you see... we were all hanging out in the hallway before school started. Ethan and Pete were taking turns jumping into each other's arms, y'know. Like, the whole bridal thing or whatever it's called. So, they started talking 'bout their weight. I was all, "Oh my jeeze, Pete! I weigh more than you." And, of course, some fake whining/crying/etc. So, they converse between each other and decide they should pick me up. Now, if you know me well enough, I'm really afraid of heights and especially of people picking me up. But, they do in anyway, having me on their shoulders. So there I was, in the middle of the hallway freaking out and yelling to put me down. They don't. GDI. So, Rita (one of our librarians) comes out and yells at them. Finally, they put me down, safely, may I add. So, I have a go at them! They deserved it... bitches. Meh, I'm not really mad at them. Just really, I was very very scared!

Guam. Why Guam, you ask? Because Jennifer didn't want Oklahoma. Brookesany didn't want whatever freaking state/province of the US and Canada Jennifer wanted. No. Of course not. So, what do we pick? Guam. Why? Because no one else would and we knew it. Hafa Adai. That's how you say hello in Guam. Fuck Guam. Kidding. Whatever.

I'm really really in the mood for something exciting. Hmm, maybe I'll find something tomorrow.