Friday, September 5, 2008

Post Seventeen.

We're all falling apart. I can't hold the four of us together. They're all pissed at each other, just not me. I don't know what to even do...

That Statistics test I had yesterday... I got a D+. First test that I've ever done poorly on, I tell ya. The sad thing is, the highest grade was like a 74 or something. By Stephanie, of all people! No offense to her, but her and I were both shocked. I mean, we're used to me being the 'best'. I don't like Statistics. :/

My Biology test today... I think went decent. Now by decent, I mean a passing grade for not studying or reading the text. That'll be fine with me. But still, gah... I need to get my act together. Almost everyone in the class thought it was open book. I had to explain to Canyon that Mrs. Brownlee said it was a 'book test', not 'open-book'. Jeeze. And everyone kept talking while she gave us time to study. It was so lame... She was pissed off to the extreme. I know I was a bit annoyed.

Supposed to go to the Keokuk/Central Lee football game today. So, going up to Central with Jennifer. =] I don't even like watching football... so I don't know why I'm going. But, I guess it could be fun. I just need to get out of the house.

I still need to get batteries for my camera. Or... my dad needs to bring some home from work. He told me he would because he didn't want to buy some at Wal-Mart. Which, quite honestly, I don't mind.

Gah, I've got Stat homework to do...
Wish me luck.