Sunday, August 31, 2008

Post Ten.

I'm ungrounded. :)

More later... I'm a bit busy at the moment.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Post Nine.

I made a new acquaintance... Canyon, or however he spells it; I'm not for sure. But, he's in my American History and Biology classes, which is sweet. We talked about all different stuff...

Such as my clothes, his clothes, Carissa and I being related, etc. etc. Mrs. Brownlee shooed him out of the classroom after school. His womanizing failed... badly.

Poor thing. :/

Lesseeeee... I'm off to Jennifer's in a bit. Her, Jessica, and I are going to go over stuff for the GSA meeting. I'll keep ya updated, or... attempt to. I best be off, since they're at the door now.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Post Eight.

Jennifer's a bit ticked with me because of something about...
I liking someone, and her knowing, yet not knowing exactly how much I like said person.

But... it's not like I was keeping it from her about who I liked; unlike her! Mind you, she's off not wanting to tell me who's caught her eye. Though, I knew who it was without her telling me. Bunch of BS if you ask me. She should be able to trust meeeeee. Jeeze, I must not be a good enough best friend.

Bed time sooooon Q.Q Think I may put in a movie. Super Bad, maybe.

haha... I live a boring life. Like was said too much in this post. :/

Post Seven.

Honestly, I should probably update this more often...

Today was the second day of school. So, let's see... I had classes 1-3 and homeroom yesterday. Then, I had classes 4-7 today. I guess, I should have probably started off naming my classes, for whoever cares. Most likely myself for when I become old and forgetting.

Homeroom - Mrs. Jones
Chemistry - Mr. Sellers
Publications - Mrs. Jones
Lit/Comp III - Mr. Muston
World Geography - Mendenhall
Statistics - Mr. Grigsby
American History - Mr. Campbell
Biology - Mrs. Brownlee

Today... since my 6th and 7th period classes are technically 'sophomore' classes, none of the students were in there except a hand full. Soooo, from 5th period up to the bell in 7th, I worked on Statistics homework. So much fun, let me tell you.

I've got homeroom, chemistry, publications, and statistics with Stephanie... aaaaand, chemistry, lit/comp III, and world geography with Jennifer. Sadly, I've no classes with Jessica. It makes me very very sad, indeed. Korie, Trevor, and David are in my publications class, though.

GSA meeting is in two weeks. I'm excited.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Post Six.

Hmmm, there's a bunch of things I could say. But, I think I'll keep them to myself. That might be best.

Tomorrow-- well, technically today-- is going to be very very busy. I've to wake up early and go all around the schools. Should be fun. I honestly can't wait to finally figure out my schedule. Alas, I most likely won't be taking Pre Cal... I'll prolly be taking Stats with Stephanie. Oh joy.

Jessica and I are are going to start working out with each other over the weekends and do our own solo stuff during the week. It'll be great. As Jessica has said many times, we're going to become 'skinny bitches' before we graduate. Hessicaaaaah, I lub yew. <3

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Post Five.

lolediting. <.< jeeze.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Post Four.

Stephanie picked me up around 11. We went to the high school, then came back to my house, since Bliss wasn't in. So, she made us Macaroni and cheese for lunch. Then we went back to the high school; got her classes straight. I've got to wait until registration for mine. Oh, well. Hmm, I'm teaching myself Trig for the placement test I have to take for Pre Calculus. It's going alright so far. Nerji was awesome and taught me a bit while we were exping in our static. And Laggie has offered to give me his old college Trig notes. Bunches of yey!

I got two more pieces of my SCH AF today-- my body and feet (Loafers and Gown). Hopefully, I'll get my head in the next few days... my Scholar's Motarboard. Jeffreestar's looking cuter by the minute. Mithra sch... for the win.

The static got to 54 today. I hope we're able to get 56 tomorrow. Which, wouldn't be much of a surprise seeing as how well we're doing on colibri. Those lot are really a blast to work with. I'm glad Laggie introduced me to them all. Though, he's got his work cut out for him since we've duo rng in our static. Byahahaha.

Laggie and Decy messed around with an RMT party after we were done. Spam curing their tank and then Invincibleing and such... holding it until they got another, and then zoninging. Thus, the RMT party now would have two after them. >.>...

Hmm... some after party shots.

So, after that the ones that didn't log out went to the level 5 Besieged that was going to take place. We sat around in our swimwear and town gear as we waited... much fun, o'course.

Decy enjoyed being able to dance on Nerji's dead body. How nice.

After all that, I just kinda chilled around. Jessica and I are making plans about the band and other get togethers. Jennifer should be leaving in about a week, maybe. I don't even know anymore.

The West Point, Iowa Sweet Corn Festival is this week from Thursday to Sunday. I should be going Thursday and Saturday with friends, actually. Sunday, I believe I'm going again with family on our way back from going to Fun City. Jeeze, this week is a bit busy.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Post Three.

SE strikes again. Maintenance has been going on much longer than it was originally supposed to. Four or so more hours, honestly. But, it's back up now... even if it was supposed to be done ant 5! Oh well. And Laggie and I found out I can't convert time... or the site I was using couldn't... or both, to be honest. It's weird calling Laggie by Andrew, just a bit.

Tomorrow I've got to stop by KHS to work out my schedule. Jeeze, I've not a clue what I want to take, really. I know... Pre-Calculus, Biology, American History, maybe World Geography, Lit 3, Creative Writing, and Advanced Web Design. That's almost a full course. Stephanie said she'll pick me up around... noon, maybe. Let's hope I can get the classes I want.

Post Two.

I took a venture to Music @ the Mall, just like we used to when I lived here before. Alas, it's just not the same as it used to be. Not many things are the same as they used to be.

Stephanie and Jennifer got into it. Our group seems to be at each others throats often. I have a feeling that things aren't going to end well by the end of the year. That's if we're all around by the end of the the year.

I had the lot spend the night. Pretty boring, to be honest. Stephanie and I compared my 7th grade year book to my 9th grade year book. It's funny how some people change so much, while others remain the same.

Jessica stayed until about 4:30. Stephanie went home around noon. My father fried eggplant for dinner. It was alright, to be honest it was a bit greasy. Oh well; food is food.

I did dynamis for the first time in about a week. I was quite a bit rusty... died a good amount. But, I didn't mind. It was all in good fun. Many were glad to see me back. Supposedly they were having a bit of trouble with the Paladin Alliance since I had been gone. Even though, I don't do much... just what I'm told. I missed those lot. It felt great to be back.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Post One.

The beginning of my life from this point on.