Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Post Two-Hundred and Eight.

So, I've come to the conclusion that how I react to some situations can be misleading.

Just because I didn't freak out doesn't mean that I wasn't concerned or didn't care. I do care. I am concerned.

It's just... I'm still internally processing this information, quite honestly. I didn't want to freak over what he said about you, because there had to be a reasonable explanation. I listened to what he said by word of mouth, though I highly doubt there was any discrepancy towards what he really said and what was told to me. I listened to what you had to say about what he said. I highly doubt that what you said wasn't the truth, either.

Though, I'm still a bit curious... a bit left with questions. But, I believe that's for another time, possibly. Or maybe I'll just continue to wonder.

In conclusion, don't get an idea that due to how I reacted, I don't care for you as much as you thought I might. I probably care more than you think I do. But, that's also for another time. You'd be surprised.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Post Two-Hundred and Seven.

Shirt number three. You'll get it back when I feel like giving it back.

When you let go,
That's the only loneliness known.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Post Two-Hundred and Six.

I'm in love with this cover.

Post Two-Hundred and Five.


A steady hand of surgical precision
Slice and dice, and a flick of the wrist
One fell swoop; a cut after another
Blood spatter leads to beautiful patterns
Music plays; a classical number
Find myself lost in a hypnotic fashion
Movements keep time with the tempo
All’s revealed; Showtime now
Scalpel down; wipe the forehead
Maniacal grin and bloodlust eyes
I reach in, hand bare
Wrist disappears with the
Sloshing of fluids and the
Squish of entrails

Monday, September 7, 2009

Post Two-Hundred and Four.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Post Two-Hundred and Three.

The Loyal Keokuk High School Morning Library Crew have started a petition to get Rita to have to be in earlier like she used to.

Rad, indeed.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Post Two-Hundred and Two.

So, until further notice, my blog will be used as a means of printing my papers at school. I haven't set up my pc to the server printer yet. (:

Emily Clark
Cody Lambert
English Comp 105
Period 1
“Yo dogg!”
“Wut’s up?!”
“Where my money at?!?”
“I spent it all. It’s mine!”
“Hommie, don’t me making me angry and wutnot.”
“I ain’t afraid of you.”
“Don’t make me get my 9, fo’sho.”
“Bring it. Don’t make me get my baby daddy!”
“Fine, go get his old honkey ass!”
“It’s on like Donkey Kong!”
“Fo’ shizzle!”

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Post Two-Hundred and One.

Brookesany deGuzman
Jennifer Tripp
English Comp 105; Period 1
Mrs. Edler
“Sup, wanker?”
“Your mum, innit?”
“Pffft, your mum’s fit.”
“Can we please stop talking about me mum?”
“Right sensitive, aren’t we? Anyways, what’s that you’ve got there?”
“What does it look like? It’s a birdfish!”
“It looks like a bloody terrifying shark!”
“Right, like it’s going to bite you or something. What do you want me to do? Get the sea police over here or something?”
"Bollocks, no. What do you take me for? We're in the bloody hall."
“Brilliant, really… absolutely brilliant you are.”
“Aye, that’s what your mum said last night.”
“Oi, piss off! I’m off to class.”
“Fine, fine. Come ‘round tonight, briefcase wanker. My dad’s out.”
“Ooh, at last, then!”
“…No, I mean going out.”
“No, he’s playing badminton, actually.”
“That’s a euphemism.”
“Piss off. Tonight, don’t forget.”