Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Post Twenty-Five.

Today was quite uneventful. Tyler's a pervert. Supposedly I'm a pervert for our following conversation.

Me: It's stuck!
Tyler: What is?
Me: The probe!

Supposedly I was thinking what he was thinking, too. Which is a lie. Until he said something. Gawd, I swear that sometimes Tyler is under the influence. Because quite honestly, he's a bit... out there usually.

Now mind you, we were doing a lab to freeze water in a test tube. And the water froze around the temperature probe.

Anywho, I'm already planning Halloween costumes. If I get a job, that is. If not, I'll make me one. I thought those were kinda cute in a weird way. But, I wanna go as Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

Homecoming dance is the 11th... So, I've gotta get a dress for then. Or something nice. Preferably clothing in general.