Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Post Fifteen.

I've got to wake myself up tomorrow. Let's see how well that goes.
Statistics test tomorrow too... jeeze, I'm not ready for it. I'mma fail! D:
GSA's first meeting tomorrow, too. o.O What's with all this stuff happening tomorrow?
Freaking Thurdays... gawd.

Swimming todaaaay. Jessica locked me in the showers and attacked me with soap. Uggh.
Canyon kept marking on me. -.- Uggh, again. Most definitely lame.
The unicorn towel smelled like... gross. Can't believe Jennifer left that in our locker. D:!
The kid next to me in English used my Optimus Prime picture because he forgot his.
So all I had was freaking Ghandi and Kevin Mitnick.
Uggh, jeeze.
No one likes Ghandi or Kevin!
I figured, he'd have an easier time BSing why Optimus Prime was his hero instead of Ghandi or Kevin, seeing as not that many people in our school even know who that is.
He was thought to be a threat to national security. xD
Poor thing.
Mr. Muston looked at me like I was crazy when I started talking about Kevin.
At least I didn't choose Jim Morrison. <.< *cough*Jennifer*cough*
Freaking getting arrested for ejaculating on stage.
Jennifer likes things like that.
What a pervert.