Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Post Thirty-Three.

One day, I'm going to end up crazy. I already know I'll most likely have memory loss. And that's if I don't die from a heart attack or something.

Oh, joy. I can't wait. I'mma be an amazing old person. My great-grand children will always wanna chill with me. Cuz we be str8t up G, son. Remind me to never do that again.

It seems I'm always staying up a bit late. Honestly, I've always been like this. I have the worst trouble getting to sleep. Ever since I was real little... Oh, well. No one needs sleep anywho.

I remember ages ago when I wanted to be all sorts of things when I grew up. I think the pink power ranger and a Spice girl top the list.

I'm rambling. Going of on a tangent, if I do say so myself. Don't blame me, I blame my mind. It's on on it's own little track.

Bleh. There are many things I could say, but they most likely won't make sense. I missed out again. What is this? The third night. Oh well. Whatever, I either do or don't. I can't even think these days. Must be the tap water.

I'll do it tomorrow, if I feel in the mood. If not, forget it. Ugggh. Being a girl sucks.

Before I forget, Jessica got one of those EasyCurves things. And I used it just for fun... oh jeeze, it was hilarious. They really do move.