Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Post Thirty-Seven.

What is there that I can really say to make things right? Moreover, why does it always seem that we fight over the silliest of things. By George, you two... untuck your dicks from your waistbands and be the better person here. Honestly, I love you two to death, but I don't understand why you lot can't agree on such a little thing. A bit trivial, if you ask me. It's freaking trick-or-treating, for Pete's sake. Okay, so... trick-or-treating is amazing. But, this is besides the point. We shouldn't be arguing over who gets to go with us. You lot work it out and get back to me when you can agree.

In other news, I'm really digging the new Rise Against CD. Thank youuu, Chad, for sending it to me. Haha... no such thing as bad Rise Against. Maybe it's just me, but... Tim McIlrath's voice is freaking awesome.

Except for you and me, love
Everyone is the same,
We know, we know, we know, we know
But if to live, we have to be numb
I'd rather know the pain,
I'd rather know, I'd rather know
This happens almost never
But it happened once to me
And this will never be same
The ends we seam together

I'm not after fame and fortune
I'm after you
When I've served my time I swear I
will come back for you

As their castles crumble slowly
We watch them fall
The crown slips from heads unworthy
Right on to ours, but I'm after you


Anonymous said...

You're welcome. :)