Sunday, November 2, 2008

Post Thirty-Eight

Just for kicks... The "Turn on/off quiz"! wth. To be honest, I think this is more a what you like/don't like sorta thing. 'Cos if you get turned on by some of this stuff... wtf. Oh well, I'll even go through and BS the girl one too.

on/off/dc(don't care)


Wears braces: on
Dresses Gangsta: dc
Dresses Preppy: dc
Dresses Skate: dc
Dresses Athletic:dc
Has green eyes:on
Has brown eyes:on
Has hazel eyes:on
Has blue eyes:dc ha syucka
Smokes cigarettes: off
Smokes weed:off
Smokes cigars: off
Plays sports: dc
Can skate: dc
Writes lyrics:eh...on
Smiles a lot: on
Has blonde hair:dc
Has brown hair:dc
Has black hair:dc
Has red hair:dc
Has spikey hair:dc
Has no hair:off; ;
Has long hair:dc, depends on how long.
Good dancer: dc
Wears jewelry: dc
Piercing: dc
Muscles: dc to an extent
Laid back:on
Plays guitar:on
Plays drums: on
Raps:tha's chill
Can draw:on
Has a lip ring:dc
Has a tongue ring:off
Nipples pierced: off... those could get ripped off, and then what?
Hugs you: on
Hugs from behind: ...on?
Creative: on
Calls you just to hear your voice: dc
Tattoos: dc
Goes to church:dc
Is funny: on
Cuddles a lot: on



Has a nice butt: fo' sho'

Plays musical instrument: Tha gurl be off the charts

Is taller than you: Homie don't play

Is shorter than you: Tha's whus up
Has green eyes: Reminds me of kool-aid

Has blue eyes: Ocean ain't as beautiful, bby

Has brown eyes: My chocolate bby kitten

Has hazel eyes: Honey, bby bear

Has long hair: Tha's whus up

Has medium hair: Bby can work it

Has short hair: Needs something to hold on to, bby

Drinks alcohol: Tha' way I can get her upstairs

Smokes cig's: Homie don't want yellow teeth.

Smokes weed: Bby gonna share?
Has blonde hair: Needs me a snow bunny.

Has brown hair: Is chill

Has black hair: Will you be my Egyptian princess?

Has red hair: Fiery

Calls you just to say hi: Bby, I need some space

Creative: In the bedroom

compliments you: She betta

Shaves her legs: Homie don't want no ewok

Wears jewelry: My bby betta have some ice

Has bigger feet then you: Homie don't need no Bigfoot

Belly piercings: Tha' whus up

Doesn't party: Hell naw

Likes to party: She best

Wants to party: She best

Laughs a lot: Best not have one of them crazy laughs

Happy: I don't need a mental case

Funny: Best she not talk

Skinny: Best be a toothpick

Rides a bike: She can ride my bike
Tattoo: Lower back, bby

Honest: Bby betta not be creepin'

Open: Tha's was up

Shy and quiet: Best not be shy

huge boobs: Tha's whus up

Licks lips: Sexeh
Lightly bites Bottom lip: Homie like

Talks dirty: Tha's whas up

Leaves you random comments: Hell naw

Competes with you: Hell naw

That was my gangsta alter ego. His name is Cletus. But, he goes by C-dawg.
wth. Disregard that whole thing.


Jennifer said...

Yo! C-dawg! We be missin yew back in the slums. Come on home, I'll fetch ya some fried chicken and a bitch for dessert!

That is my alternate ego, Tyrese. Be jealous.

SincerelyBrookesany said...


Rei said...

Homie be trippin if yall think imma be jealous of that lame ass honky excuse for a g, yo. Yalls be crazeh up in hurr.

Watchu be talkin bout, fried chicken? You knows we gots us plenty back home, suga. Watchu needs to be wurrin bout be that there kool aid. Wes almust outta grape, son. Naw, cant be havin tha nah. C-dawg, grab tha food stamps card and gos get us some. I gots yo 14 cuzins i gots to be watchin after and a hurrr apoiment at fo to get my weave fixed, i aint got no time be runnin to no store.

And pick up some wa'ermellon whilst you out, yo. I be waitin.


(thats Shaqwiqwa. Me alto-ego. She is real up in hur, soooooon.)

We are so gonan get beaten up. xD)