Monday, November 3, 2008

Post Thirty-Nine.

Uggh...Was at the Grand Theatre since 3:30, basically. I got back from play practice at 10. Practice isn't supposed to go past 9. I was supposed to be home by 9. But, o'course... no. That's not how it works out.

So, my dad's a bit pissed. He says I shouldn't be spending so much time on something I'm not getting a high school credit for... that I spent 6 hours there and that that's too long. Basically, that I shouldn't have volunteered to help be a light tech.


Opening night is Thursday. Fuggin' Thursday. Know what? Techs didn't start with the play until Friday. Tonight was the second practice we've attended. That's all the time I've put into it. Now, imagine how much hell he'd raise if I was actually in the play? Gawd. O'course practices are going to run long. We're going through the WHOLE PLAY.

Stressed to the max.