Saturday, June 20, 2009

Post One-Hundred and Sixty-Six.

So, today was my last full day in Keokuk. Or, I guess yesterday... since it is now technically Saturday. It was fun... I'd say bittersweet.

I loved seeing the ones closest to me come by to see me off and bid farewell, since I told them no way could they see me when my grandpa comes to pick me up. NO WAY. I'd be all like "OMGAWD I LOVE YOU GUISE SO MUSSSSH." etc. etc. It'd be ridiculous. I'd be embarrassed.

So, I told them it'd be okay to welcome me back, though. Ahahaha. Then they can meet my mommy and Chad and be all like "SO THAT IS WHY YOU ARE SO AWESOME!" And I'll be all, "Uh, durh."

Wurd, lyfe.

Anyways. So, Stephanie arrived first. We chilled. Jennifer arrived. We chilled some more. Hung out outside, hung out inside. JENNIFER GAVE ME THE GREATEST PRESENT EVER! PAC-MAN SHOES OMG! I loves her. Q.Q So much. So much. We had a marker fight in attempt of me keeping her here. I also hit her with a pair of pantyhose that I put a bar of soap in. She wasn't injured.

Then, well... I climbed on the front of her car and wouldn't get off so she drove down the hill with me on it. I thought she'd drive all the way to her house, but she didn't. So, I asked her for a ride back up the hill. (: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH JENJEN OMGIZZLE I'M FOR SERIOUS! YOU ARE THE SISTAH I'VE NEVER HAD FOR SERIOUS!

Stephanie was bouts to go when I got a call from Dylan. He said he was sorry that he'd prolly not make it over, and that was chill. You could hear Cody in the background trying to whisper, "Tell her we're coming." So, Cody stole the phone and said they'd were on their way and would be there in a few minutes. No lie, it took like two minutes. Dylan got out. Cody stole the Torrent and Hunter and him went to McDonalds. Stephanie left. I'll miss her. ): Defo have to chill when I get back. So, Dylan was stranded at my house without his car or his phone. They came back with sweet tea for him. It tasted pretty well. Cody put the Love station of for XM radio. Sometimes, ... all the time... he's very unsubtle. So are most people I know. It's okay, though. Dylan walked me to my door and we said our goodbyes and I'll miss yous. I promised to call when I got to NC. etc.s Then, I found the front door to be locked. xD Good thing I found the spare key. Ahahahahaha.

Good day, all in all. To those I'm leaving, I'll miss you. AND I WANT MY STUFF BACK THAT I'M LEAVING TO YOU GUYS. Kidding, you can keep it... except my Bayside sweat band. I'll trade you something in return for that back. I wonder if Dylan ever got my gift I left to him. Forgot to ask Cody. Anyways. To those I'm seeing soon, I can't wait!


Jennifer said...

I'll miss you too.
So much.