Monday, June 29, 2009

Post One-Hundred and Sixty-Eight.

Alright, so... I just woke up from a freaking weird dream.

It started out as my friends and I were all at this sorta water park, but it was at a lake that had rapids and such. Don't ask. And we were there for days making friends with all who worked there and such. For some reason Chad worked there. Hmm. Then the whole place flooded. But, everyone got out fine. Fast forward a bit. We started getting haunted by the "Lady of the Lake". It was weird. Some guy that me and someone else were going through the cliffs with died because of the Lady of the Lake... um, that's when the haunting started. Like... we looked down a hole in one of the cliffs and that's where this pump is to pump water from, though it doesn't make sense because it is freaking coming out of the water. But, it starts pumping by itself and blood comes out... so we're like, "OMGizzle, she killed _____!" I don't remember his name. Then we're back in what kinda looks like my dad's house, but it isn't. She kept wanting me to kill Haley Fuller. Ahahahaha. That was the best part. Then for some reason my father in the dream was Fred Flinstone and my mother was sorta like the mom from Married with Children, only more attractive. And well, the Lady of the Lake had me convinced my father was dead 'cos I kept seeing his ghost with these special glasses I had that could see spirits or whatever. And... for some reason, the graveyard she was buried in was in our kitchen... and we were all sleeping on the floor in the living room. Devin was freaking out because his head was closest to the graveyard and he thought the Lady was going to get him, so he moved to sleep by me. The thing was, she didn't want to hurt any of us purposely. So, I ended up talking to her and figured everything out and set her spirit free. Then it was Chad's birthday and our mom made him a veggie burger instead of a cake. She burned it... o.O, but he ate it anyway.