Thursday, June 11, 2009

Post One-Hundred and Fifty-Seven.

It has been pretty boring since you left. But, at least you're having fun.

I've been sleeping so much lately.

I had a weird freaking dream last night. Everyone was there. And... well, it was like we were all wizards and witches like straight from Harry Potter. Actually, he was there... and so was everyone else. It ended with Devin getting mad at me in a car as I was trying to cast spells on him to protect him because he didn't want to go back into the house... EVEN THOUGH THE WHAT I GUESS WAS THE DARK LORD WAS AFTER US! So, in the back seat where we were... there was this huge freaking painting with a super heavy wooden frame. So, he hits me in the back of the head with it and starts running. But, I catch him and cast some spells on him. Like... yeah. It was kind of weird. But, he was still resisting after I cast a sort of shield bubble spell and this weird gold spec spell. I wish I could remember what we had to say to cast them... but the girl with me, when she cast it... her specs were pink, not gold. Anyway... so he was resisting... so I freaking Expelliarmus'ed him.

Then I woke up.