Friday, March 13, 2009

Post One-Hundred and Seven.

I just want to say... lol@Devin'slaptophavingaTrojanvirus.

Art II has to be the most fun I've had in a while. Like... I'm not even kidding. The only downside is that the plaster we're working with dries out my skin really bad... and well, I get plaster all over my clothes. I've washed my Bayside hoodie about a dozen times in the past week or so. So crazy! Though, I've been having a blast. Um... let's see. We had to do water colour prints on clear plastic, ten run them through a printing press for a monoprint. When I get mine back, I might scan some and put them up. I'm working on a NES controller plaster statue that I might also turn into a candle holder. I'm almost finished with my wasted cast I did of pacman... I just have to paint it. I swear it's super cute... especially because when I was originally carving it out of clay to pour plaster on... I forgot that I should carve words how I would see them and not opposite. <.<; So, I carved them in mirror image... so when I poured plaster into the plaster mold I made... my words came out mirror image. My bad. ]: But! It still looks decent. My hand mold is almost done. I just need to poor the slip into it. Also, my fail-looking Batman paper cast is almost done. xD

I'm excited. [: