Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Post Ninety-Two.

Gawd, I've been sounding so freaking depressing lately. It makes me even more depressed, honestly! But, I don't know... I can't help myself. I'm having ups and downs. I do fine until I'm overwhelmed with things that well... remind me.

This cheered me up...
I don't know how that will end up looking. But, eh... it's supposed to be a cute bunny. And it's all like "Rawr." :/ Rawr... we used to always say that.

Screw it. Forget what I said. I'm calling you tomorrow. Well, I guess... technically today. You probably won't answer... but, eh. It's worth a shot, right?

I'm not giving up just yet.

I can't help but close my eyes for life
And dream a different ending
When I wake I won't be so exhausted
And I'll stop with my pretending
That I'm fine; I'm fine if I can fool myself tonight
And my lie will drown out all of yours