Sunday, February 22, 2009

Post Eighty-Nine.


Ok, so at M@TM, Icon for Hire played. They were abso' amazing. I'm not even kidding. Even though I didn't know hardly any of the words, I sang all that I remembered. They put on an amazing show. Not even kidding. The bassist Josh took JenJen's camera and took pictures while they were on stage. It was sweet. It was just... ahhh, the crowd was so involved in their show. I loved it.
Though, the other two bands before hand were hella rad too--Kidnap the Sun and Backdrop.

The second band to play (KTS) reminded me of New Found Glory in a way.
Um... IFH signed my Jackass Converse. Even though they smelled bad... my shoes, I mean. 'Cos well, they're like... ancient. I want to say that they're about three or four years old. Honestly, they don't smell too bad. Adam, the drummer (Happy Birthday!), gave them a big whiff before signing them. Epic.

Oh! I had a midnight curfew for like... the first time in ages. Usually my dad will tell me if I go to M@TM that I need to be back when it's over/by 11. But, no... he told me I had to be back by midnight. I was pretty shocked. Though, I was in by 11:30. 'Cos, y'know... I'm a good kid and all. Well, more so that Stephanie needed to get home. We sat and talked a bit. It was cool.

I got a banana from Sonic. Yummy.

I swear Josh almost gave Jess or JenJen his phone number 'cos he wanted us to go to their St. Louis show. o.0 Yeah, ikr. But, a bunch of people were talking and he had his phone out, but no one was paying attention to him. Well, besides me 'cos he was talking first. Anywho, yeah... fun. Jess got Josh to give Stephanie a hug. I bet she was super excited. Smile, smile.

... maybe someday.