Saturday, May 2, 2009

Post One-Hundred and Thirty-Three.

Ok so, I was reading this survey I posted on Facebook ages ago... and well, this question/answer just made me realize how absolutely nerdy and sappy I am.

42. FAVORITE SOUND(S). Hearts beating, music in the background, typing on a keyboard, Final Fantasy battle music, and the surprised noise the guards make on Metal Gear.

Right. Haha. Anywho. I checked out, with Jenjen's library card, a biography on Bruce Lee and a SAT prep book. My dad is like... in love with the first book. ahahaha. But, c'mon, it is Bruce Lee after all. (:

I went with Jenjen and her mom to Quincy to pick out my birthday present from them. It is uber cute. Though, not something I'd normally wear. I think it is time to expand my wardrobe choices. (: We also went to TGI Fridays... they got the staff to sing to me and give me ice cream. Q.Q Then, they wouldn't eat any of it. D:!

THREE VIDEOS! Because, well... it is my birthday, and I can't get these songs outta my head and this scrubs clip is epic.