Sunday, May 31, 2009

Post One-Hundred and Fifty-Two.

So, let's see...

The Chicago trip was moved to next weekend. Which is cool, fo' sho'. That meant I could go to Burlington with everyone for Dylan's birthday.

So, we had a super secret mission of sneaking me in the very back of the Torrent as to surprise Dylan, right. Jenjen took Dylan and Cody around the back of her house after the guys came to pick Jenjen up. Hunter stayed on the porch to help me into the Torrent. ... my luck would have it, Dylan locked all the doors. So, I'm hiding behind the Torrent, yes. We have to do a super quick secret diversion of Jenjen needing her hoodie out of the back and me rolling into the Torrent. That was successful. Now, we waited. Jenjen said the secret word (Chipmunk) and I popped out all nonchalant-like out of the back. ... he didn't notice. xD So, I'm just talking away and chilling out. We pull into the school parking lot to wait and meet up with Russel... and he looks back in the rear-view mirror. Ahahahaha, his look was priceless.

I think Jenjen won best present award.

That trip was interesting. Seeing as I was a cripple, (still am) I kept sitting down on the floor periodically because of all the walking. We also did some super secret operation with me in shopping carts and singing the Mission Impossible theme song. We all bought a bunch stuff. Most people, when they turn eighteen, buy porn... or are excited that they can buy porn. Dylan was excited that he could buy his own knives. Ah, this kid is jokes.

Most memorable moment of the trip: Total carnage released on Johanna. Even if I kinda felt bad for her, I must say... no one is going to forget that.

After the trip, we came back to Dylan's house and chilled. Then, left and ordered pizza and chilled in Wal-mart as it was being made. They saw Mr. Muston. Cody S. (not the Cody we hang out with) was there and being a total creeper as usual. We got the pizzas and went to the park. Fo wurd.

Cake and then bonfire at Dylan's afterward.

We kissed--even if the first attempt was totally jokes. Thanks you guys a lot. No, I'm being serious. It was hilarious. ... we really had no idea that Russel was even there. We forgot about Russel. :/

All in all, Dylan's birthday was a success. He enjoyed it. Everyone pretty much enjoyed themselves, give or take a few. It was fun.

Happy Eighteenth, Tiger.