Friday, May 22, 2009

Post One-Hundred and Fourty-Two.

Classes for next year:
  • US Gov/Politics

  • Aerobics Quarter 1

  • Aerobics Quarter 3

  • Dance Quarter 2

  • Racquet Sports Quarter 4

  • Drama

  • Photography

  • Art II Semester 1

  • Art Problems Semester 2

  • SCC General Psych

  • SCC Abnormal Psych

  • SCC English Comp I

  • SCC English Comp II

  • SCC Fundamental Speech

  • SCC Pre-Calculus

  • AP Online US History

Well, those are the ones I signed up for, anyway.

I took the Compass test for English and Math. Supposedly, I'm the only one in my group that actually passed the math test. Though, it was barely so... 3 points over what I needed. Jeeze. So glad that I didn't have to take it again, though.

Icing on the cake, who I like likes me back. Ha.