Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Post Fifty-Nine.

I've been slacking on posts. Hell, I've been slacking on everything online.

I'll have to message me mum back on myspace... She messaged me ages ago and I just can't be arsed to write up a message. I've actually got a whole bunch that I need to respond to. I read them all... just don't write back. Yeah, yeah... I know: Lazy.

I think I'm going to start making me a pitcher of green tea. Because, I mean... we're not using the kool-aid pitcher anymore. So, mmm... green tea.

I love toasted bagels. I don't mean warmed up ones in the toaster. I mean toasted ones in the toaster. Q.Q So delicious. I like toasted things in general, honestly. Not when people are toasted... or baked... though. Drugs just... to each his own, I suppose.

I'm enjoying taking Art II already.