Saturday, May 15, 2010

Post Two-Hundred and Nineteen.

There used to be a time when I would question the purpose of death. I believe the first real time was in, I believe, 4th grade. A girl in my class, once of the nicest girls ever at the time, died in a car accident. I didn't understand it. Sure, I knew people died all the time. But, I never expected such a thing to happen so close to me.

Though, now, I see that death is necessary for life to continue. I honestly see the process of life and death as something similar to the Circle of Life, if you will--or even the Gaia hypothesis (please note Final Fantasy VII, or even freaking Avatar, and my total credibility (;). Anyways. I see it as that we are neither created nor destroyed. Once we die, we return to the planet as energy, in sorts, and reborn as whatever needed to keep the equilibrium.

I'm not quite sure why I was thinking about all this right now. Maybe it's the Mucinex.