Friday, August 28, 2009

Post One-Hundred and Ninety-Eight.

Brookesany deGuzman
Mrs. Edler
English Comp 105
Period 1
A Late Thank You

This life of mine was made possible
For you were the one to bring me into it.
Able to wash away my fears
With a comforting smile;
A voice warm as the sun.
A teacher;
A nurturer;
A friend.
I love you,

You’re the one I look up to.
So strong, yet so scared.
You’ve accomplished dreams
I only wish to.
Worked hard to provide
The necessities for me and more.

Sometimes, it may appear
As if I don’t care about
The things you do for me.
Alas, that’s far from it.
If anything, grateful
Is a word
That doesn’t come close
To describing the truth.
The best I can say
Is thank you…
For all you’ve put yourself through.